G Suite Management for non profits

Part of the public service aspect of our business is that we help non-profit organizations with their G Suite Management.

Services we maintain using G Suite Administration

  • Domain registration and ICANN information maintenance
  • DNS entries to work with Google
  • Google User management
  • Google Email creation and reassignment
  • Security settings of Google Apps
  • Installation of Google Apps for your users
  • Setup of Email and Google Profiles on devices and computers using remote access software


  • Non-profit must have or allow us to setup a Techsoup.org Account for their organization
  • Non-profit must allow LPU Data, Inc. to act on it’s behalf during the process of Non-Profit validation though TechSoup.org.
  • Non-profit must be responsible for the administration fees that TechSoup.org collects. If LPU Data, Inc is authorized to pay these fees on the behalf of the non-profit then these fees must be reimbursed with in 7 days.
  • Donations for a non-profit organization which are restricted for use in technology can be used for this account.