Challenges of Business Intelligence Solutions

Reporting Planning Data Warehouse Dashboards
Un business-user friendly applications Non-collaborative tools Difficult to combine data from multiple sources into one central database Lack of visibility to key performance indicators
Time consuming report design Budget spreadsheets wrought with manual errors Other data warehouse solutions too expensive and time consuming to setup and maintain Too many different sources needed to consolidate to support decision-making
Manual nature of other apps No automated spreading or assumptions/drivers Data warehouse solutions are almost always custom built and very technical and consulting intensive in nature Lack of good visualization
Not integrated with all sources Difficult to combine data from multiple sources (people and systems) Difficult to find experienced staff to design and maintain data warehouses Lack of single, unified source  for decision makers across the organization
Have to learn many different report writers and query tools to cover ‘reporting’ Lack of version control Lack of easy to use decision-making tools that require ‘little or no training’
GL only versions versus Operational reporting Manual process to combine budgets and forecasts with actual figures Difficult and time consuming to deliver executive view
End users have no insight into underlying details Difficult to link together related information/sheets