BI360 Data warehousing and Reporting

Your Partner in BI360 Data Warehousing

LPU Data, Inc. is proud to partner with Solver Global to provide an amazing data warehouse and reporting application suite. We provide installation configuration and support services for the BI360 Data Warehouse as well as the other application suite tools.

BI360 Cloud Architecture

Traditionally data warehouses were a black hole of financial and technical resources. BI360 Data Warehouse removes complexity by building a client server application that allows anyone with Excel and a license to connect to the data warehouse. Above we show the latest architecture of the BI360 in the cloud.

On Premise

Using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Projects to bring data into the data warehouse, we gather essential data you’ll need to make better management decisions. These projects are custom code created for your organization and become the back bone of the data warehouse. You own this code project and can be shown how to maintain it. We are also available to maintain this code base for you.

In the Cloud

Cloud integrations are handled with an API which comes integrated with translations to many different data sources. This library is growing every quarter with new releases from the Solver  product team.

We look forward to your call or email to discuss what enterprise reporting needs you may have and how we can help you.

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