BI360 Suite – Features and Benefits


• BI360 is a full Reporting, Planning, Dashboard, and Data Warehouse suite designed for business users.
• Modules can be bought and used in a mix & match fashion, or as a fully integrated suite.*
• Excel- and web-based (except Planning), it allows business users to take advantage of existing skill sets to jumpstart use.
• Pre-built and pre-configured, BI360 takes less time to implement compared to other Business Intelligence (BI) suites.

* Modules can be purchased independently (one at a time) except BI360 Planning, which requires the purchase of the integrated BI360 Reporting module.


  • Excel & Web-based, “3rd generation” report writer
  • Drag and drop report design
  • Run reports on-demand and drill down into ERP or other data
  • Global, Row, column, cell properties in Excel report definition
  • Additional ad-hoc query user license (“Composer”)
  • Automated report generation, scheduling and distribution
  • Includes many pre-built report templates
  • Out-of the box integration to major ERP systems (& CRM)
  • Out-of the box integration to BI360 Data Warehouse (DW)
  • Integration tool available to integrate to virtually any data source
  • Full user security based on Active Directory


  • Create streamlined report designs with row/column/cell/global properties
  • Easy to learn for business users (no proprietary formula keying)
  • Any end-user can run their own report and answer their own questions
  • Minimize the filters/formulas needed in a report; quicker report design
  • End users can create report queries in minutes with minimal training
  • Streamline report generation and distribution
  • Jump start report design: get going faster and gain ideas for other reports
  • Design reports on data right away; no waiting for integration to be added.
  • Immediately report on any field and table configured in the BI360 DW
  • Use the same report writer on custom fields, tables or other data sources.

Easily control what decision makers/ users can access (accounts, dept, etc…)

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