Business Intelligence

Install, Configure, and Support business intelligence

Implementation of business intelligence systems is our primary service. Whether you’re using SQL Server stored procedures, BI360 Data Warehouse, Crystal Reports, Cognos, Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services or other data warehousing and reporting solutions, we can help you turn your requirements into a reality.

For reporting we use Microsoft Excel based tools which connect to a data warehousing database which we install and configure. We create supporting ETL’s to feed the data warehouse. The reporting tool also has live integrations for some major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for real-time reporting.

We’re located in Southern California. We work remotely using remote desktop technologies. We pride ourselves on a lower carbon footprint and the use of technology to replace the need to travel. Security clearances can be obtained for any worker should a project require it.

How can we help you with your next BI project?